Is a surviving spouse responsible for credit card debt in nevada?

Answer In most states, a surviving spouse is not responsible for credit card debt in the name of the deceased, but Nevada is an exception. Nevada is one of eight community-property states. In a community-... Read More »

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Is the spouse of a deceased credit card holder responsible for their debt?

On One Hand: Situations Where You Are Responsible.Community states are those that consider debt to be a community responsibility; that is, the responsibility of the family. If your spouse dies and ... Read More »

Are minors responsible for credit card debt?

On One Hand: Paying Off DebtWhen someone uses a credit card, they automatically agree to the terms of the card. This is considered a type of contract, the website states. When a cre... Read More »

Does credit card debt pass to a spouse upon death?

If the spouse of the deceased is a cosigner on the credit card, the spouse will be responsible for the debt of the deceased. If the deceased lives in a community property state, the spouse may be ... Read More »

Are you responsible for your deceased parent's credit card debt?

On One Hand: You Are Not ResponsibleIf your parent passes away, you are not responsible for their credit card debt. Some collection agencies may try to convince you otherwise, but the United Nation... Read More »