Is a sugar solution hypertonic?

Answer A sugar solution by itself cannot be hypertonic, which means having more soluble units by volume than a surrounding solution. However, if one sugar solution is surrounded by a second sugar solution... Read More »

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Is dextrose 5 with 0.45 NS a hypertonic or hypotonic solution?

What is the ph of a sugar solution?

Table sugar, also known as the chemical compound sucrose, has a neutral pH of ~7, when read on a pH scale from 1 to 14. A sugar solution consists of only water and sucrose. Water also has a neutral... Read More »

What happens when you heat a sugar solution?

If you heat up sugar alone, it will melt and then solidify into hard, burnt, crystalized pieces. If you put sugar into some water and heat it up, the sugar will at first dissolve and be almost invi... Read More »

How much sugar do you put into a hummingbird solution?

Hummingbird solution should be mixed as one part sugar to four parts water. For example, combine 1/2 cup sugar with 2 cups of water. Leftover solution should be replaced on a weekly basis.Source:Hu... Read More »