Is a stove required in a pennsylvania apartment?

Answer There is no state or federal Law that requires that an apartment in Pennsylvania have a stove. However local/township codes, regulations or laws may indicate otherwise. Check with your local govern... Read More »

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Can you install a new Stove in your New Apartment in the city, please Do Tell...?

Is it safe to heat an apartment with a gas stove?

The Department of Health in Vermont states that you should never use your kitchen gas stove as a means to heat your apartments or home. Using a gas stove in this manner may result in deadly carbon ... Read More »

A weird dream about an apartment with an extra room that was hiding behind a wall in a kitchen behind stove?

Hi!Usually hidden places are an inner self telling about something you might want to be doing but not yet have had the courage to do; maybe you are hiding a talent and need support to start working... Read More »

Can a realtor lease an apartment to a student with no income in Pennsylvania?

A real estate agent can lease an apartment to a student with little to no income in Pennsylvania as long as the student has a co-signer. The student may be required to show proof of enrollment, and... Read More »