Is a stomach virus dangerous to a fetus?

Answer On One Hand: Stomach Virus and PregnancyPregnant women may become infected with a stomach virus (also known as viral gastroenteritis). This type of virus affects the small intestine and can cause n... Read More »

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Is coughing dangerous to the fetus?

I would think normal type of coughing isn't, but if you have a lung problem go see the doctor.

What happens when fetus stomach stops growing?

If you mean the abdominal circumference, it sometimes means the placenta is not working well and the baby may need to be delivered soon. If the placenta is not working as well as it should, the bab... Read More »

How dangerous are three pills only of Misoprostol 200mcg on a fetus in its seventh week of gestation?

Answer Three pills of 200 mcg of misoprostol if taken all at once is 600 mcg. That dosage is high enough to cause the fetus to miscarry. Even one 200 mcg dose of misoprostol taken at 7 weeks gest... Read More »

Will a baseball thrown at a full term pregnant woman's stomach hurt the fetus inside?

Answer Your baby is surrounded by a very shock proof environment. Babies are fine after car accidents, falls and even assaults.That being said, I would still seek medical advice. Your doctor sho... Read More »