Is a step-son with a drivers license permit covered by your insurance?

Answer Answer Not unless you alerted the insurance company, about him

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Does insurance cover an accident if the driver has a learners permit when there is not a 21-year-old person with a valid drivers license in the car?

Answer Most likely yes. I know of cases that a completely unlicensed driver causing an accident and the insurance still applied. Most insurance policies don't have a requirement that a person be ... Read More »

If you live in NJ and a relative with a MA license but no insurance is staying with you is he covered under your insurance when driving your car?

Yes, they would be covered as long as they only drive occasionally. If they drive more than 12 times out of the year, they would need to be rated on your policy in order for them to be covered.

Is your spouse with learner permit in CA covered by your auto insurance?

Answer fom a General Agent You should contact your insurer and have your spouse added to your policy within 30 days of having obtained a drivers permit or any other change in the risks associated w... Read More »

Can you buy auto insurance in the US if you have an international driving permit but not a US drivers license?

Answerno. must be a resident to buy auto insurance. a state license is required.New Answer HeadlineYes you can buy auto insurance using you international driving licence. I know this because i have... Read More »