Is a squash a complete or incomplete flower?

Answer its incomplete

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Is Sunflower a Complete or Incomplete Flower?

What is the difference between complete flowers and incomplete flowers?

Incomplete flower One which lacks any one or more of these parts; calyx, corolla, stamens, and pistils. And Complete flowers contain both the male and female parts (stamen and pistil) as well as se... Read More »

Do i have to pick my squash when the flower falls off?

No.You can eat squash as soon as they appear (you don't need to wait until they are ripe), but you can wait for quite a while after the blossom drops off. The squashes will keep growing bigger for ... Read More »

Is a Tulip a Complete Flower?

Tulips are known for their large, cup-shaped flowers and tall, slender stems. Most commonly associated with spring, tulips are available in a variety of colors and sizes, from 6 inches to 2 feet ta... Read More »