Is a spouse automatically designated as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy?

Answer According to Aetna, there is no automatic designation of a beneficiary, and you must legally designate your spouse on a life insurance policy. In some states, under community property laws, spouses... Read More »

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Can I name a person other than my legal spouse to be a beneficiary on an insurance policy?

The legal spouse of the primary holder does not have to be named as the beneficiary on a privately purchased insurance policy. Policies issued by corporations as employment benefits may require pay... Read More »

IRA Designated Beneficiary Rules?

An IRA is a retirement savings account that allows its owner to accumulate assets during his lifetime under a tax-deferred umbrella. If the IRA owner does not use the entire balance of the IRA duri... Read More »

Why are Carriers designated CV not C Destroyers designated DD not just D and why are submarines designated SS not just S?

The reason that Destroyers are not just classified with a single "D" and Submarines with just an "S" is that there are different classes of each. It is the hull designation that denotes the vessel'... Read More »

Can a Beneficiary of a Deceased Spouse Get Pension Benefits?

When an individual dies, his pension payments go to his spouse as long as he has named a beneficiary. However, what happens when the beneficiary dies? The payments from a pension will not normally ... Read More »