Is a spinal cord stimulator better than an intrathecal pump?

Answer On One Hand: Either Method Can Provide Effective TreatmentEither spinal cord stimulators or intrathecal pumps can provide effective relief from chronic pain, according to SpineUniverse. Candidates... Read More »

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Should I get a spinal cord stimulator for pain?

On One Hand: Benefits of StimulatorSome of the benefits of the spinal stimulator include effective pain relief. Benefits, according to spinal stimulator manufacturing company Medtronics provide up ... Read More »

Does the medtronic spinal cord stimulator work?

On One Hand: Spinal Cord Stimulators Are EffectiveMedtronic spinal cord stimulators are battery-operated, surgically implanted devices located in a patient's lower back. Numerous published clinical... Read More »

Can a manufacturer's representative program a spinal cord stimulator for a physician?

On One Hand: Physician ProgrammingAccording to Boston Scientific, a physician is responsible for implanting the spinal cord stimulator. Surgeons know the specific reasons behind the surgery. Most c... Read More »

Is a S-Video cord better than AV Video cord?

Using an S-Video cable will improve the video quality a bit. Remember, S-Video carries video only, the audio plugs on the AV cable are still needed for the audio...