Is a sim card a primary device?

Answer No it's the handset that is a primary device

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Does a 3G device require a 3G SIM card?

3G devices need 3G SIM cards to fully function. 3G SIM cards store data about the cellphone and its owner, allow access to 3G networks and contain software that manages the standard smartphone feat... Read More »

I/O Device Error with SD memory card?

You can try formatting it, but to me it sounds like you might have got a bad one. Might be able to return it for an exchange.

How can you import photos from a device to a memory card?

It depends on the device (phone/camera/GPS, nokia/samsung/kodac/pentax, nokia 6120 navigator/nokia n95...). For example on my phone I go to File Manager, then click options-->Copy to Folder and sel... Read More »

Can I install a T-Mobile SIM card in a Sprint device?

A T-Mobile SIM card cannot be installed on a Sprint mobile phone. T-Mobile uses a mobile technology called GSM. Sprint operates on a network with CDMA technology. The two mobile formats are inco... Read More »