Is a side effect of Ambien shin pain?

Answer Although pain occurring specifically in the shin is not a known side effect of Ambien, some individuals taking Ambien experience pain elsewhere in the body---including the back, muscles and joints.... Read More »

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Is back pain a side effect of avodart ?

On One Hand: Avodart Does Not Cause Back PainBack pain is not one of the side effects associated with taking Avodart (dutasteride), a medication used in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasi... Read More »

Achilles Pain, pain between shin and calf?

This pain could be due to damaged/injured tendon of the Posterior Tibialis muscle in your leg.

What are the long-term side effects of Ambien?

Ambien is a sleeping aid obtained by prescription only. As with any medication, it may have both short- and long-term side effects.The FactsAmbien is one brand name for zolpidem, a sedative-hypnoti... Read More »

What are the long term side effects of Ambien?

Ambien (zolpidem) is a medication prescribed as a sleep aid. It can be used for short periods, typically 1 to 2 weeks, to help people with insomnia. Longer-term use can result in several side effec... Read More »