Is a sibling an offspring of a parent?

Answer No, siblings are people who share at least one parent.

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Is one sibling predeceases a parent do their children get half or does the surviving sibling get all the inheritance?

That would depend on either (a) a will, or (b) state laws of intestacy, or (c) both of the above. Generally: A properly drafted will gives instructions in that situation by making the gift per st... Read More »

If a sibling has his name on a surviving parents savings account does all of the money go to that sibling when the parent passes away?

If it is under his name, yes. But he may do whatever he wants with it.

Can the offspring of asexual reproduction grow out of the side of the parent?

In one form of asexual reproduction, the offspring grows out of the side of the parent. Some species of yeast cells reproduce through the process of budding in which a small growth forms on the sid... Read More »

How is Huntington's disease passed from parent to offspring?

Huntington's disease is a genetic condition, meaning that it is inherited from parents. It is caused by a defect on the fourth chromosome that causes multiple repeats of the gene sequence CAG (cyto... Read More »