Is a short-term increase in protein consumption harmful to the kidneys?

Answer On One Hand: Increased WorkIncreasing protein in the diet makes the kidneys work harder to flush toxins from the body. According to the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition," short-term high-pro... Read More »

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How to Increase Your Short Term Memory?

Short term memory is your current memory, the one you are working with right now that is helping you read this article and make sense of it. If your short term memory is on the blink, it is time fo... Read More »

How to Increase the Capacity of Short-Term Memory Through Chunking?

Most of us have problems remembering things sometimes, especially complex collections of facts, names or numbers. Yet modern society often requires that we memorize vast amounts of information, fro... Read More »

If you are 6 weeks pregnant and it is too late to sign up for voluntary short-term disability offered by your employer are there any companies that will provide a short term disability policy?

Certainly there are but your present condition would be exluded.You can still apply even if you are already pregnant. Your pregnancy and maternity leave will not be covered, but you will have incom... Read More »

Are short term disability benefit payments taxable for an employer provided and paid short term disability plan?

Answer Yes, all employer paid benefits and wages are taxable. There is a way around that if you are an executive. 4lifeguild