Is a search order the same as a search warrant as it relates to civil procedures?

Answer In the United Kingdom, there is a civil procedure available to magistrates that is known as a search order which is outlined in Part 25 of the Civil Procedure Rules. The search order is the civil v... Read More »

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What Are the Procedures for a Search Warrant for Federal Agents?

The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution requires warrants for search and seizure of property. Rule 41 of the Federal Rules on Criminal Procedure specifies the procedures federal agents must use in... Read More »

Can California Fish& Game search your home without a search warrant?

The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States states that any law enforcement agency, including California Fish and Game, cannot search your premises without a warrant or probable c... Read More »

What is a search warrant?

Courts order search warrants when reasonable cause is presented by law enforcement officials or attorneys representing the government indicating a legal basis for the search. The Fourth Amendment t... Read More »

Search & Seizures Without Warrant?

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution requires that search and seizure of a person or property meet certain requirements. The Fourth Amendment also applies to the states, through the due process... Read More »