Is big bird real?

Answer Not anymore. Elmo forgot to buy a turkey for Christmas and they had to eat something...

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Is thunder bird real?

No, it is just a thunder birds might have been pterosaurs but dinosaurs went extinct 60 million years ago so no their not real

How to Make a Real Bird Sound With Your Mouth?

Want to know how to attract people with a cool and real bird sound coming from your own mouth? Read this article and you'll be amazed. People would think there is a real bird flying around.

How do I Tell If a Glass Bird With Murano Sticker Is Real or Fake?

Murano glass originated on the island of Murano off the Venice coast and showed influence of Roman, Asian and Venetian styles over time. While Murano glass has been produced for centuries, modern M... Read More »

Can a quaker bird breed with a white-eyed conure bird?

The white-eyed conure, or Aratinga leucophthalma, is a member of the conure family of parrots. A quaker parrot, or Myiopsitta monachus, is a member of the parakeet family. Although these two birds ... Read More »