Is a sata3 drive backwards compatable with sata1?

Answer Yes, SATA III is backwards compatible with both SATA II and SATA I. But you will only get the performance of the earliest generation.

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Sata III Drive compatable with Sata 2 port?

Yes. ) it's compatible.But it's will work only on 3 Gb/s

Compatable amp for my speaker ?

Shame on whoever sold you that double pile of manure. Buying an amp for those crap boxes would just be throwing good money after bad. Whatever possessed you to buy that dreck?

Is windows xp compatable with broadband?

yesRE Additional- the only reason your PC should come up as non compatible would be hardware , & if u have either a network cable connection &/or USB ports thats wrong tooI wouldnt trust PC Pitstop... Read More »

Will this motherboard be compatable with my specs ?

Oohh a Gigabyte board :P I prefer asus tbh. Yep looks fine the board is DDR3 so make sure the RAM says DDR3. The socket matches the processor (LGA1155) so that will be fine. Everything else is good.