Is a russian olive tree poisonous when burned?

Answer A Russian Olive Tree isn't poisonous when burned. Other names for the tree include Autumn Olive and Silverberry. The ASPCA lists the Russian Olive Tree as non-toxic--although it could be toxic if t... Read More »

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Are Russian olive trees poisonous for cows?

Russian olive trees are listed as nontoxic on ASPCA's website. However, they do have a high potential for causing stomach distress in cows, horses and other animals and pets, and may even cause dea... Read More »

Is the fruit of the Russian olive tree safe for human consumption?

The fruit from the Russian olive tree, Elaeagnus angustifolia, can be eaten by humans. It is often eaten by birds and mammals. The fruit is mealy in texture and mildly sweet. Many people consider i... Read More »

What is an Russian olive?

Please see related link below.a Russian olive is a tree with olives on it.

Plants That Are Poisonous for a Russian Tortoise?

Most Russian tortoises (Agrionemys horsfieldii) found in pet stores for retail are from Uzbekistan, where it hibernates from October through March. From March until June the tortoise mates and fora... Read More »