Is a rowing machine or a treadmill better for cardio?

Answer On One Hand: Treadmills burn more caloriesWhile a 150-pound person rowing for an hour will burn about 650 calories, that same person running on a treadmill at a moderate effort of 6 miles per hour ... Read More »

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How to Row on a Rowing Machine?

Rowing machines are very useful as workout tools when used properly. Rowing with proper form will allow for better workouts. The improper technique will cause detriment to the body. To row using a ... Read More »

How to Set up a Rowing Machine?

The dreaded erg! This is the wikiHow article that makes setting up a rowing machine seem easy. For this article I am going to base the set up on the most recent Concept 2 rowing machine, although e... Read More »

How to Work out Using a Rowing Machine?

A rowing machine, also known as an indoor rower, an ergometer, or simply an "erg," is a piece of exercise equipment that simulates rowing a boat with an oar. Rowing machines provide a workout to al... Read More »

What muscles does a rowing machine work out?

A rowing machine targets the muscles of the back by simulating the act of rowing a boat. Depending on technique, muscles of the back, legs, abdomen and arms may be engaged during this exercise.Midd... Read More »