Is a rose a weed?

Answer a weed by defintition is a plant growing somewhere where you do not want it to grow so it can be and it cant be depending on how you look at it

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Is a rose a weed or a flower?

It can be either. A weed is a plant or plants that you don't want around and is usually invasive. Lots of "weeds" make beautiful flowers. As far as roses..I once lives in a house with very inva... Read More »

Can a rose bush become a weed?

AnswerNo roses will not turn into weeds. Roses should be pruned and if you go onto and type in: pruning rose bushes you will get a great deal of information.In my area we have roses ... Read More »

Poll - Are you as common as a weed or a unique blue rose?

i have never been referred to as commonthis is my first gardening answer...yippie

How many rose petals does it take to make 16 ounces of rose oil?

It takes 2,000 lbs of rose petals to make 16 oz. of rose oil.Source:Herbs 'n Oils: Rose Oil