Is a rose a weed?

Answer a weed by defintition is a plant growing somewhere where you do not want it to grow so it can be and it cant be depending on how you look at it

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Can a rose bush become a weed?

AnswerNo roses will not turn into weeds. Roses should be pruned and if you go onto and type in: pruning rose bushes you will get a great deal of information.In my area we have roses ... Read More »

Is a rose a weed or a flower?

It can be either. A weed is a plant or plants that you don't want around and is usually invasive. Lots of "weeds" make beautiful flowers. As far as roses..I once lives in a house with very inva... Read More »

Poll - Are you as common as a weed or a unique blue rose?

i have never been referred to as commonthis is my first gardening answer...yippie

I have black spots on all the leaves on my rose bush - should I cut the rose down or how do I get rid of them?

Blackspot is a fungus that causes black spots about 1/16 to 1/2 inches indiameter to form on the leaves and sometimes stems. The infected leaveslater turn yellow around the spots and eventually fal... Read More »