Is a remote control safe to shine on belly while pregnant?

Answer Generally yes, as a remote control uses IR (infrared) Light. It's just light waves that are at a frequency that cannot be seen by our eyes. Chances of infrared being able to penetrate skin and tiss... Read More »

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Is remote control safe to shine on belly while pregnant?

the light from a remote is not harmful as it is not strong enough to go through belly

Is it safe to shake your belly while pregnant?

ive once wondered about this too, but im 5 1/2 months pregnant and people would come up to me and shake my belly all crazy to wake the baby up so they can fill him kick. but later i would fill my b... Read More »

Is it safe to have taken three weeks of birth control while pregnant?

Answer no Answer There is a common misconception that taking the pill while pregnant somehow harms the baby. This is without foundation. the hormones in the pill are the same as those the pregnan... Read More »

Shaking belly while pregnant?

The baby is having hiccups.YOu also are probably getting spermed. - which means you might have twins and your belly is really stretching. Just grasp it and make sure it doesn't wobble - especially ... Read More »