Is a propane heat pump cheaper than an electric one?

Answer As of February 2010, propane costs 14 percent more than electricity to burn in a heat pump. Propane costs $2.68 per gallon, compared to an average of 10 cents per kilowatt of electrical energy. At... Read More »

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Is a heat pump better than propane heating?

On One Hand: Heat Pumps Can Save You MoneyA heat pump is a device that mechanically moves heat from a cold reserve to a hot one for heating and the reverse for cooling. Today there are even geother... Read More »

Which is better Electric heat or heat pump?

AnswerHeat pump - lots more efficient and dramatically cheaper to operate. Heat pump is definitely better as it not only saves electricity bills but is also easy to maintain and install.

Is gas cheaper than electric heating?

On One Hand: Natural Gas Is Cheaper to Heat the Entire HomeTo provide heat throughout your home, natural gas is generally much cheaper than electric, regardless of what type of furnace and hot wate... Read More »

Are heat pumps cheaper than wood stoves?

According to a Google Price product search, a heat pump can cost $400 to $700 on the low end and up to $4,000 on the high end. This does not include installation. A wood stove starts at $200 and g... Read More »