Is a propane generator better than a gas?

Answer On One Hand: Propane Generators BenefitsThe benefits of having a propane generator over a gas generator is that they provide cleaner energy that is not as toxic to the environment, does not have an... Read More »

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What size propane generator do i need?

On One Hand: Go 20 Percent Above the NormA propane generator should have at least 20 percent more power than a homeowner would ever need. According to the Minnesota Propane Association, "On average... Read More »

How much does a propane generator cost?

Generators that are powered by propane are available in a wide range of prices. As of June 2010, smaller generators can be purchased for $500 or less, while large residential standby generators can... Read More »

Can you use propane in a generator and then change it to natural gas?

Changing Propane Generator I've done a little research in that area setting up a couple of natural gas generators for my home. What I found out is that propane (in some type of tank) and natural g... Read More »

How many 20-pound propane tanks are needed to run a generator that would be connected to a refrigerator and stove?

Answer Calculate the energy required first. Propane has 1,000,000 btu's in 10.89 gal. (2500 btu's per cubic foot on the vapor side). Consider also the ambient conditions as the colder it is outsid... Read More »