Is a pool at a condominium complex considered public or private?

Answer private

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Are limited common elements at condominium complex considered private?

Your answer depends on what 'private' use you expect of the limited common area that is dedicated to your unit. Limited common areas are subject to inspection by the association or its agents, main... Read More »

Why is a pool at a condo complex considered private?

Because it's maintained and paid for by HOA dues from the unit owners. If it were a public pool, everybody in the neighborhood would be entitled to use it, it might get municipal revenue funded by ... Read More »

Can a private purchased home be part of a condominium complex?

Not usually. Since all condominium owners potentially own the land and the exterior of the buildings (and more) in common, a private home and its grounds wouldn't fit within that definition. Howev... Read More »

Can a police officer issue a ticket for parking in a no parking zone in an ungated private condominium complex in California?

You can find the answer in the governing documents of the condominium complex. It is possible that the board has discussed and voted on a resolution that requires such action that includes a police... Read More »