Is a podiatrist an md?

Answer Yes, a podiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in diseases and disorders of the foot. To qualify for this job, a person must attend a qualified medical school and complete training for a doc... Read More »

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Podiatrist Schools?

Podiatrists diagnose and treat disorders of the foot and ankle. Students who complete an undergraduate program with required science courses can enroll in a podiatric college. Upon completion of a ... Read More »

How to Find a Good Podiatrist?

Podiatrists specialize in feet and ankles the same way a dentist specializes in teeth. Not everyone needs a podiatrist because of the specific nature of care provided, but they do treat a range of ... Read More »

How long do you go to school to be a podiatrist?

After three to four years of undergraduate education, a student completes a four year podiatric college education. Podiatrist students study basic medical sciences during the first two years with c... Read More »

Can a podiatrist write prescriptions?

Podiatrists can write prescriptions. They go through four years of medical school, then spend time learning their specialty. They are given the right to write prescriptions as any other doctor can.... Read More »