Is a plantain a cooking banana only?

Answer Plantains flavor a variety of recipes in all stages of ripeness from green to yellow to black. Baking, frying and boiling are common methods of plantain preparation. When plantains are green or yel... Read More »

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What is the difference between a banana&a plantain?

Bananas and plantains may look similar and belong to the same Musacaeae family, but they differ in a lot ways. The banana and the plantain play different parts at the dinner table.UsesPlantains are... Read More »

How many calories in a plantain banana?

Is a plantain related to a banana?

Plantains are members of the banana family, and though the two are commonly confused there are differences. For instance, plaintains are typically more starchy and require cooking before they can b... Read More »

Banana Plantain Varieties?

The banana plantain, or "cooking banana," is the most popular of bananas. The plantain is the name for the common banana in Western culture. Owing to the plantain's tendency to mutate, there are a ... Read More »