Is a piano a percussion instrument?

Answer A piano is a percussion instrument, i.e., an instrument that produces sound when a player strikes a part of it. When a pianist plays a note on the piano, hammers inside the piano strike strings to ... Read More »

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Is a piano considered a percussion instrument?

The piano is considered an instrument from both the string and percussion families. It is considered a string instrument because its sound comes directly from the strings inside. It is considered p... Read More »

Who invented the first percussion instrument?

Anthropologists believe percussion instruments may be the worlds oldest instrument, after the human voice. The earliest discovered drums date to 6000 B.C. Most of the modern percussion instruments ... Read More »

What is the definition of a percussion instrument?

A musical instrument is an object or device that produces musical sounds. Percussion is defined as the striking of one body against another. Combine the two, and it means a musical instrument such ... Read More »

Who made the first percussion instrument?

There is no way to determine who created the first one, but percussion instruments are thought to have been around since 6,000 B.C. Drums were used by tribal royalty in Africa, and they were used i... Read More »