Is a piano a percussion instrument?

Answer A piano is a percussion instrument, i.e., an instrument that produces sound when a player strikes a part of it. When a pianist plays a note on the piano, hammers inside the piano strike strings to ... Read More »

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Is a piano considered a percussion instrument?

The piano is considered an instrument from both the string and percussion families. It is considered a string instrument because its sound comes directly from the strings inside. It is considered p... Read More »

Is a keyboard a percussion instrument?

There are five families of musical instruments: brass, keyboard, percussion, string and woodwind. Percussion contains instruments such as the drum and xylophone. Synthesizers, pianos and organs are... Read More »

Who invented the triangle percussion instrument?

The inventor of the percussion instrument known as a triangle–a steel bar bent into triangular shape and played by striking with a steel beater–is unknown, but it was first used in orchestras i... Read More »

What is the definition of a percussion instrument?

A musical instrument is an object or device that produces musical sounds. Percussion is defined as the striking of one body against another. Combine the two, and it means a musical instrument such ... Read More »