Is a passport needed to go to France from the UK?

Answer What type of documentation you need to enter France depends on your citizenship, not where you board the airplane. Citizens of the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom are required to carry... Read More »

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Is a valid passport required to travel to France?

A valid passport is required when traveling from the United States to France. Also your passport must be valid for three months beyond your length of stay. You will not need a visa if your visit to... Read More »

What Requirements Are Needed to Become a Chef in France?

The French are known to take their cooking and the skill of their chefs very seriously. The passion and enthusiasm surrounding French cooking makes France a magnet for both aspiring and seasoned c... Read More »

What currency is needed to travel france and italy from the usa?

While France formerly used the franc and Italy the lira, both countries are now members of the European Union and have used the euro as currency since 2002. There are currently 16 countries that us... Read More »

How many frequent flyer miles are needed to fly to Paris, France on US Air?

How many frequent flyer miles are required to fly from North America to Paris, France depends on several variables, including the class in which you want to travel and the time of year you are trav... Read More »