Is a painful scalp a serious condition?

Answer On One Hand: Conditions Can be Mild or SeriousFungus and bacteria can cause scalp pain, which can be a sign of a mild to serious condition. Ringworm is a common, usually mild infection that occurs ... Read More »

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Is cradle cap a serious condition?

No, just be careful when you wash the baby's head very gently with babyshampoo, and NEVER TRY TO PICK AT IT

What is officially the most painful ailment/condition?

They say Kidney stones are the nearest pain a man will find to Child birth. Lumber puncture i'm told very painfull??Worst pain i had was when i had no money back in 1987 and couldn't go to the pub!!

Is the yellowish scummy on a baby scalp what is the condition?

Is painful urination during pregnancy a sign of a serious problem?

Answer It sounds like a bladder infection, which could become a serious problem if not taken care of. Go see your doctor. If it's a bladder infection, it can easily be taken care of with antibiot... Read More »