Is a pa speaker stand the same as a light stand?

Answer Just buy an actual light stand. The speaker stand, if it even turns out to be the correct diameter pole to work for you, will only extend 6-7 feet at it's max height...

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How to Make an Audiophile Speaker Stand?

One of the hallmarks of a solid speaker stand is the weight. The reason is that all bookshelf speakers benefit from as much vibrational isolation from the floor as possible, preventing the transfer... Read More »

How to Make a Floor Speaker Stand?

Speakers transfer vibrations in the form of sound waves to deliver music to your ears. One of the best ways to upgrade your existing speakers is to place them on stands that isolate the transfer of... Read More »

How to Make a Speaker Stand with Milk Crates?

"Making" a speaker stand can be extremely easy and rewarding, as long as you know what you are looking for: namely, a clean, attractive, milk crate.

How to Grease or Lube the Side Stand of a Motorcycle Center Stand That Pivots?

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