Is a notarized statement accepted by the courts?

Answer Answer for what? anyway, not usually.

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My husband signed notarized statement saying his ex could move with their daughter to Canada for temp-employment but the notary only viewed his expired ID is this enought ot invalidate the statement?

In order to be able to work legally in Canada, she ( the adult ) has to APPLY for and be accepted by the Canadian Immigration department, and a minor child has to have proper written permission to ... Read More »

Is a Financial Statement Required Under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles?

Generally accepted accounting principles, or GAAP, dictate the way corporate bookkeepers must record economic events. This medley of rules also prescribes methodologies that financial managers must... Read More »

Does a divorced parent need a notarized statement from the other parent to fly out of state with children?

Answer That would depend on whether the divorce decree stated Joint Custody or not, and probably what state you live in.

Do you get charged by military courts or civilian courts for crimes committed on a base?

If you commit a crime on an American military base, you are subject to military law, and will be prosecuted by the military. As a 1971 U.S. Supreme Court case states, "An offense committed by a ser... Read More »