Is a nikon D3100 a good camera?

Answer In 39 years I have never owned a camera that took great pictures.In 39 years I have never owned a camera that took bad pictures.I have, however, used a camera to make some great pictures and I have... Read More »

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Is the Nikon d3100 a good camera?

Yes, but...It will only be as good as its user. Picture quality depends mostly on user skill. The camera is only a tool. The D3100 is a great tool if you know exactly how to use it. If not, you'll ... Read More »

Is nikon d3100 a good camera?

i think the nikon d3100 is very good it has a reasonable price, i would recommend to also buy a telephoto lens with it. its very noisy but fast. Sammy

Is a Nikon D3100 a good entry level camera?

Nikon D3100 is excellent entry level DSLR.

Will a nikon hb-26 35mm lense work on a d3100 nikon digit camera?

For any digital camera a Li ion battery is better than Nimh because it holds more charge and does not lose its charge nearly as fast when the camera is not in use.