Is a mortgage a lien?

Answer A mortgage is not a lien. A mortgage is the loan you take out to buy a house or another piece of property. A mortgage lien is when a lender can force you to sell the house if you stop making mortga... Read More »

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What Happens if You Purchase a Home at a Tax Lien Sale & There Is a Mortgage Lien Owed?

Foreclosure on a tax lien may eliminate the mortgage lien attached to the property, which means you may be able to buy clear title to the foreclosure property. However, the answer depends on what t... Read More »

Can I Get an FHA Mortgage If I Have a Tax Lien?

Many responsibilities come with being a homeowner. Whether the home is mortgaged or not, property owners must pay property taxes in addition to their regular income tax. Should taxes remain unpaid,... Read More »

Is a mortgage also called a lien?

A mortgage is often called a "lien," which is the amount of money a borrower owes on a property. A mortgage can also be referred to as a trust deed, or deed of trust in legal terms or documents.So... Read More »

What is the difference between a mortgage&a lien?

A mortgage is when a home is pledged as security for a loan. Mortgages are also considered liens, but a lien is not a mortgage. Liens are a form of security interest granted over a particular type ... Read More »