Is a minor car accident harmful to a 4 month old baby?

Answer I rear ended a car on the freeway in my 8th month. She's now 20, totally healthy, and smart as a whip.

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4 month old baby strapped in car seat during minor car accident seems fine but unsure if problems could arise later....What can happen?

Answer The best thing you can do for your child is to consult your pediatrician and have your child examined now.

Can excessive use of benadryl to make an 8 month old baby sleep on a daily basis be harmful or even deadly?

It is certainly not advisable to give benadryl daily to make a child sleep.

Car/ minor accident help!?

well 200 dollars to fix the car wont be too bad since its your fault. But to be safe bring insurense into this so he doesn't accuse you of not paying him. Hope this helped

How to Deal With a Minor Car Accident?

You're pulling out of a spot or changing lanes and crunch!--another vehicle is suddenly there and you're in the middle of a minor car accident. Fortunately, nobody's hurt, and the cars aren't total... Read More »