Is a metlife annuity a variable interest policy?

Answer MetLife offers two types of annuities: fixed and variable. Fixed annuities pay a set amount to the owner/beneficiary for a certain period (or for life), while variable annuities attempt to provide ... Read More »

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Is a MetLife lifetime annuity insured if MetLife goes bankrupt?

Like all annuities, MetLife lifetime annuities are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation if MetLife goes bankrupt; instead, consumers receive protection from their State Guaranty... Read More »

What is a variable annuity?

Variable annuities offer investors an investment account, typically designed to provide income after retirement. Similar to a a 401k account, a variable annuity offers the investor the opportunity ... Read More »

Can I Rollover a Variable Annuity?

A variable annuity is an insurance product that provides a guaranteed income to you for your life or for a specific period of time. Some annuities defer this income until you want to receive it. Th... Read More »

Variable Annuity Rights?

If you are currently looking for safe financial investments for the future, variable annuities could work for you. However, companies offering these complicated contracts have been known to sometim... Read More »