Is a metallic taste in the mouth a pregnancy symptom?

Answer A metallic taste in the mouth is a symptom of pregnancy. Hormonal changes bring on dysgeusia, a change in the sense of taste, resulting in a metallic or sour sensation. The condition normally occur... Read More »

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Is a tinny or metal taste in your mouth a symptom of pregnancy?

Answer It's possible that I'm pregnant. I haven't had many other symptoms except the past couple weeks off and on I get the taste of metal in my mouth. My friend told me it was a symptom but I've n... Read More »

Are headaches dizziness low energy and a metallic taste in your mouth indications of pregnancy if your period was on time but only lasted 24 hours and you had a negative hpt result?

Answer Yes that is all signs of pregnancy. Wait a week and do a pregnancy test or see your doctor for a quantitative pregnancy blood test.

I have metallic taste in my mouth?

the metallic taste is probably blood because blood tastes like iron get to the doctors to have it checked out

How do you get the metallic taste out of your mouth?

It depends what is causing the metallic taste, it can be caused by some medications, cavities in your teeth, acid reflux or heartburn. Using blocks under the head of your bed to lift the bed to a 1... Read More »