Is a massage OK for a hurt back?

Answer On One Hand: Massage Is Good TherapyAccording to the experts at, regular massage is good for a soft-tissue injury because it can reduce inflammation and pain, break down ... Read More »

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Isn't it weird how people can carry heavy things & never hurt their back but then they hurt their back ->?

I completely understand it and can offer you a reason why that happened to you. My daughter for the last year and a half had to carry heavy bags full of accounting files on the train day in and da... Read More »

How to Massage the Back?

When you think of massage, you probably think of the back. The back usually is a huge epicenter of stress, and there are several massages that can ease the pain.

How to Massage Someone's Back?

Love to make other people feel good? Love to make others feel special? The best way to do that is by giving them a massage. This article includes various different ways to make someone you love rel... Read More »

Have you ever went for a back massage?

no but i need to my back hurting right now