Is a man or woman more likely to have a heart attack?

Answer Men have a greater risk of heart attack than women, according to the American Heart Association. Men are prone to having heart attacks earlier in life than women, but if a woman has a heart attack,... Read More »

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Can woman of age 19 have heart attack?

Yep, ANYONE from an infant to the elderly can have an MI at any time.

Can woman have a heart attack at 30 years of age?

There is always a chance. That's why taking care of your body, eating healthy and keeping yourself fit and active are important.

At age 19 as a female is a heart attack likely to happen?

Probably not, if you're healthy. But anything can and does happen.

Why male get more heart attack and female get less attack?

Due to the difference in HDL Level.female have more HDL level in blood than male..& it is the only good cholestrole in blood...which helps in fat female have less chance of heart att... Read More »