Is a man can bee a midwife?

Answer i once new a guy who new this gurl who new this guy that was in love with his cuzens friend and he deliverd his own baby in his bathtube ...

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Was thomas Paine a midwife and what is a midwife?

A midwife is someone who is trained to assist in childbirth.Thomas Paine is sometimes said to have been midwife to the United States, but this is not meant literally.Thomas Paine was a writer aroun... Read More »

Who is a midwife?

A person who serves as an attendant at childbirth but is not a physician. Some midwives (called certified nurse midwives) are trained in university programs, which usually require previous educatio... Read More »

Law & the Midwife?

The word "midwife" means "with woman," and the traditional role of a midwife is to be present with a woman during her pregnancy, labor and delivery. Modern midwives have various levels of training ... Read More »

Can a man be a midwife?

Absolutely, but it is not very common. There are male nurses, which is similar but male midwives will specialize in attending/assisting births.