Is a light switch a lever?

Answer The light switch is a lever. When you push the switch down, the internal metal workings are a type of seesaw, and this is the actual lever part of the switch. It allows the electricity to flow thro... Read More »

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How Do I Change My Old Light Switch in the Bathroom to a Motion Activated Wall Switch?

Motion detecting light switches can come in handy to regulate energy efficiency, whether it is for a home or business, as there is no need to check whether lights have been left on for lengthy peri... Read More »

How to Split a Wire From a Light Switch to Another Switch in the Bathroom?

Splitting a wire from the light switch to another switch in your bathroom requires basic electrical wiring knowledge. You can add a new switch using your original switch as the power supply to any ... Read More »

How to Replace a Wall Rotary Antique Light Switch With a Modern Toggle Switch?

Antique wiring and switches are beautiful, but not feasible in some wiring applications. Early electrical cables were encased in a cotton cloth insulation dipped in an asphalt solution, called loom... Read More »

Has anyone wire a light to a light switch then straight to a electrical outlet?

Sure. That's the way any table lamp works.You can buy an 'in line switch' at any hardware place.