Is a lien discharged under bankruptcy?

Answer Most liens are discharged under bankruptcy, but some liens cannot be avoided by filing bankruptcy. Liens that must be paid despite bankruptcy judgments include debts not claimed on the filer's sche... Read More »

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Is a tax lien discharged when a property is foreclosed?

The Internal Revenue Service, a county or a state may put liens on a property to cover delinquent tax accounts. When a foreclosed property is sold, liens are paid off in the order that they were re... Read More »

In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can you use the Homestead Federal Bankruptcy Exemption to keep your 120000paid off condominium with a lien against it for an 11000credit card debt in pa?

Your right that PA has no special homestead exemption for BK and you would rely on the Federal one.The lien (the Cr Card one), is essentially the same as a first position mortgage against the prope... Read More »

What Does It Mean When a Bankruptcy Is Discharged?

Bankruptcies fall under federal jurisdiction in the United States. There are federal bankruptcy courts in every judicial district across the country. Federal law, the United States Bankruptcy Code,... Read More »

Under condominium law how soon can a condo lien be discharged after a court trial whereby the Judge ruled in favor of the defendant?

This has nothing to do with condominium law. It has to do with a civil court judgment- civil process. The discharge shouldn't take more than a few days if not sooner with a little push. The court s... Read More »