Is a license needed to start all types of businesses?

Answer Not every business needs to obtain a license, but the vast majority of businesses do. Any business other than a small, single-person company in an unregulated industry will likely need to obtain va... Read More »

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Can you start multiple businesses on the same license?

Under the law, each business can only practice under one license. One reason is because the Internal Revenue Services taxes each business according to a business classification system. Some busines... Read More »

Types of Businesses to Start in a Depression?

A depression is a difficult economic time for businesses and consumers. Despite this fact, start-up businesses can thrive in a depression by addressing changing consumer needs. Economists call thes... Read More »

Is a license needed to start a game rental business?

Whether or not a license is needed when starting a game rental business depends on the business regulations set down by the local government where the business is started. Most cities and states re... Read More »

Ideas for Types of Businesses?

When you're thinking about starting your own business, you may find yourself looking for ideas on what kind of business to start. Soon after starting your research, however, it will become quickly ... Read More »