Is a lcd tv a better buy then plasma?

Answer LCD and plasma are the two main types of flat panel HDTVs on the market. They use different technologies to create the picture, and while they both provide sharp, detailed HD video, a few factors c... Read More »

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Is a plasma tv better then a lcd tv?

Yeah Plasma's better as far as im aware...not sure what the differences would be when it comes to HD Ready T.V's tho...Hold on a minute..."Plasma offers you a wide viewing angle with constant pictu... Read More »

Silk nightgown/ nightshirts.. do like then better then cotton and why?

Silk looks and feels very niceBut I don't wear either in bedIf I did I would choose cotton over silkCotton is a natural fibre and allows movementSilk is very shiny and slippery in bedPlus it does,n... Read More »

Is it better to eat and then work out or workout then eat?

Actually both. A small carb filled meal 30-45 minutes before to help with energy levels then a protein filled meal 30-45 minutes after to help with repairing and building your muscles. Doing it thi... Read More »

OK.. LCD or Plasma is one better?

no your friend has it backwards the lcd will last for many years. LCDS will typically last longer than plasmas due to their lack of heat. plasmas produce alot of heat which strains their component... Read More »