Is a laser printer or an inkjet printer better for printing mailing labels (Avery style labels)?

Answer I'd prefer a laser printer for mailing labels because the ink won't smear if it gets wet. The drawback is that laser printers and accessories usually cost more than inkjet.

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Can you use inkjet labels in a laser printer?

Inkjet and laser printer labels use different coating to allow for printing. Only label products that read “Laser/Inkjet,” “inkjet compatible” or “laser compatible” can be used in both ... Read More »

Are Avery inkjet labels safe for laser printers?

On One Hand: Not Good for You or PrinterAvery inkjet labels are designed to absorb liquid ink. Laser printers use powdered ink that is fused to special laser pages. When you produce inkjet labels o... Read More »

How to Load Labels Into an Inkjet Printer?

Printing labels can be complicated if you are not familiar with how your printer is set up. Taking a few preparatory steps before you begin can help you avoid hassles and frustrations with your ink... Read More »

What is the best Laser Printer for labels?

Basically any laser printer should be capable of printing on labels, just make sure the labels are designed for laser printers to avoid problems. Printers that have a straight through paper path (u... Read More »