Is a laser pointer dangerous?

Answer On One Hand: Limited Laser ExposureMost laser pointers used and sold in the U.S. contain low- or moderate-power diodes and are relatively safe. There have been numerous reports of temporary or "fla... Read More »

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Where can i buy a 1w laser pointer?

It is illegal and you can blind people with that. Don't be an asshole.

Where can I buy a laser pointer?

There's a bunch of them on amazon, here's a link for laser pointers…

What happens if you look into a laser pointer?

My friend pointed one right into my eye when I was younger. It just felt like I looked directly into the sun. And it hurt for about a minute. But I was fine. But dot take It from me. I do belie... Read More »

Is this laser pointer legal?

Lasers are used for so many different things, that I can't imagine one being illegal at all.I bought my first one 20 years ago for a light show, it had to be more powerful than yours, it was two fo... Read More »