Is a home owners association responsible for electrical cables?

Answer Read your governing documents to determine who owns the subject electrical cables. Your local electric supplier may also have documents you need to review to determine ownership. There is no standa... Read More »

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Is the Home Owners Association or the owner responsible to pay for laying of telephone cables to houses in a complex which is own title and not sectional title?

Your issue may be a local municipality issue, and one not necessarily based in the laws governing common interest community ownership. Read your governing documents to find how this issue is addres... Read More »

If the Home Owners Association for a condominium community hires a roofer to make repairs to the common area and there is damage to a unit owners personal property who is responsible for the damages?

It all depends.Depending on the insurance policy you carry on your personal property, and depending on the insurance carried by the association and the insurance carried by the roofer, there would ... Read More »

Who would be responsible for maintenance for a pool in a subdivision in which there is no home owners association?

The first question is: where is the pool? Who owns the property where the pool is located?If the subdivision is made up of individual owners, then the owner on whose property the pool exists is res... Read More »

What is the difference between a property owners association and a home owners association?

There really is no difference, except for the styling of the name. Both organizations operate through covenants and bylaws recorded against a group of properties with the goal of making said proper... Read More »