Is a hard drive heavier when it's full?

Answer no its not

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Does a hard drive get heavier when you put data on it?

No, the magnetic particles are just re-arranged forming a pattern that can be read later, when you need to access the information.Cute question.

Does a hard drive become heavier the more amount of data you have on it?

Nope. Same weight. Hard drive data is recorded magnetically.The guy below me is right.. technically the drive will be heavier but obviously not going to be heavier in reality.... but lets see how h... Read More »

I have an older PC and the hard drive is full. How can I copy it to a larger hard drive?

what you are looking to do is called drive imaging. it will allow you to make an exact, bootable image of your old hard drive and put it on your new hard drive while leaving you all the extra space... Read More »

My hard drive is full. Can an external hard drive help?