Is a green card holder over 65 who has no authorization to work eligible for medical benefit?

Answer There is a time limit after entry into the country before you would be eligible for any public benefits. But if you do receive public means tested services, your sponsor (which all green card holde... Read More »

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I am an Indian by origin and a temporary resident in the US holding an employment authorization EAD while my green card is under process would I be eligible to participate in the American Idol?

I believe not, i think you have to be full u.s. resident and citizen

Can a green card holder work in canada?

A green card entitles you to work in the United States only. To work in Canada, you need to go through the Canadian work permit process, which is completely different from the American green card p... Read More »

Can a green card holder be deported for credit card fraud?

What Is a Green Card Holder?

For foreign citizens wishing to live in the United States, green cards allow permanent residence and endow the bearer with the rights and responsibility of a citizen. Green cards are obtained by ap... Read More »