Is a glass of milk before bed good or bed ?

Answer i wood say it is really good case it puts me to sleep in about 1 hour

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Is drinking cold milk before going bed good or bad?

Milk contains fat and that gives you sustained energy. Warm or cold will affect your liver, but not to the extent of keeping you awake. The problem is that the milk will do two things, it will gi... Read More »

How is milk glass made?

Milk glass is dinnerware made from opaque white glass, but other colors and types are also present. Because milk glass has been made using different techniques through time, it takes an experienced... Read More »

Can you microwave milk glass?

Unless a piece of milk glass is labeled "microwave safe" it is best to keep it out of the microwave to avoid breakage. Keep in mind that older milk glass pieces may contain lead and may not be saf... Read More »

Milk Glass Information?

Translucent milk glass owes its milky appearance to the addition of ash or oxides in the production process. It comes in a variety of colors ranging from white to opaque black blown or pressed into... Read More »