Is a giraffe symmetrical?

Answer To be symmetrical, an object's right side must be the same as its left side. Giraffes, like humans, are symmetrical creatures. However, they may have slight imperfections (just as humans) that make... Read More »

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My irises aren't symmetrical?

There's nothing at home you could do to fix this... perhaps surgery. I'm sure you don't need it though. :)

Is the Human Face Symmetrical?

The human face is not perfectly symmetrical. More symmetrical faces are not necessarily more attractive, but highly asymmetrical faces can be judged more unattractive. Sometimes people with highly ... Read More »

How to Make a Symmetrical Paper Heart?

Some of us have a hard time making a heart. It is hard to draw a heart that looks even on both sides. One side may appear larger than the other or the tip may not be centered. Once you master these... Read More »

How to Keep a Crocheted Rectangle Symmetrical?

Sometimes the desire to finish a crochet project can become outweighed by the frustration of not being able to keep your blocks symmetrical. If not crafted carefully, the rectangle blocks you croch... Read More »