My friend has bought 14 gazillion bows for her unborn babby. When is it time to stage an intervention?

Answer That's funny, because it's gonna be a boy. I switched out her ultrasound results.

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Is infinity a real number?

When referring to a number system, infinity does not exist because it goes on forever--you cannot add or subtract from it like a normal number, according to the University of Toronto. However, infi... Read More »

Is Google A Real Number?

Well it's actually pronounced googol, just google made a typo when making the website, but decided to keep the name.I'm pretty sure it goes:googol (100 zeros)googolplex (10^googol)infinity, however... Read More »

Is this a real phone number?

213 area code is for Downtown Los Angeles. Information on this number is here…For further details you would have to pay money.

What is icarly real number?

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