Is a gas dryer better than an electric dryer?

Answer Yes, a gas dryer is better than an electric dryer. A gas dryer becomes much hotter so therefore your clothes dry faster. Also natural gas as piped to homes costs less per kilowatt-hour than the equ... Read More »

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Instructions on Replacing Dryer Belt and Idler Arm for a Maytag Electric Dryer?

The idler arm in a Maytag dryer creates tension in the drum belt, keeping the belt tight on the drum and motor pulley. Over time, the arm may start to wear down and need replacing. A worn-out idler... Read More »

How to Replace Electric Dryer Belt on a Fridgidair Dryer?

A Frigidaire dryer uses a motor to turn the dryer's drum, tumbling your clothes and allowing them to dry faster. The drum is connected to the motor by a rubber belt. Over time this belt will wear d... Read More »

Can you hook up your electric dryer to a hookup for a gas dryer?

You are asking about the electrical portion of the hook up right ! Then the answer is yes. You will have to determine if the hookup is 12o VAC or 220 VAC , 60 Cycle. That goes for the electric drye... Read More »

How to Fix a Dryer Belt on a Roper Electric Dryer?

Roper dryers have been produced and marketed by Whirlpool since the corporation acquired Roper as a subsidiary in 1989. Like all dryers, Roper dryers use a rubber belt to connect the drum to the mo... Read More »